What is VinCop?

VinCop is an online service offering vehicle history reports, made free of charge thanks to a set of sponsors. Our goal is to help people buy and sell cars with confidence by making critical vehicle history data freely accessible through the Internet.

Why would I use VinCop?

Typically, you would use VinCop as part of the process of buying or selling a used car. If you are buying a used car, VinCop helps protect you from fraud by confirming government records regarding a vehicle's history. If you are selling a used car, VinCop helps you prove that your car has a clean history to potential buyers.

How does VinCop make this free while others charge as much as $40 for a report?

Thanks for asking! VinCop has partnered with a set of hand-picked sponsors within the auto industry who make this service possible. When retrieving your vehicle history report, please consider the any offers from our sponsors which are relevant to you.

What type of vehicles does VinCop support?

VinCop currently supports almost all vehicles with VINs registered in the United States, including automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, motor homes, and tractors. This also includes classic cars without a full 17-digit VIN (however, our vehicle specifications may be incomplete for classic cars).

How do I obtain a VinCop report?

You can get started by looking up your vehicle identification number (or VIN). The VIN is a 17-digit number (like 1HGEM22523L122583) which can be found on title document, the vehicle registration, on the insurance card, and on the vehicle itself. Next, simply enter your VIN to check whether records exist, answer some questions to qualify for offers from our sponsors, and review your full vehicle history report.

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